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Drew Seeling helps students discover their passion


by Home Page Staff - June 24, 2019

Tioga County is home to people from various walks of life – from teachers to doctors to artists and computer technicians. But how did they become what they are today, and what brought them here? These questions and more are answered in this Home Page series: Personal Profiles.

Today’s special guest is Mr. Drew Seeling, a building construction teacher at Wellsboro Area High School.

Seeling grew up in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, but has always held a fondness for Wellsboro and the surrounding communities, including high school trips to Ski Denton resort during the winter months – among other visits.

“When I had the opportunity to move here for a career it was like coming back home,” said Seeling.

However, teaching and construction wasn’t Mr. Seeling’s original plan. In his younger years he had an interest in art. But during his later high school years he learned how to apply his creativity to shop work.

“All through school, I loved art. That was my passion,” said Seeling. “Once [into] the in-depth shops, I got to see how I could apply the arts…but I felt like the Lord was taking me in a different direction.”

It’s more than just his love of the art of construction that gets Drew Seeling up every morning. He’s passionate about seeing students find their own passion that drives them.

“Working with a student, seeing the light bulb come on, and them connect…that hope for all of my students to do that – that’s what drives me,” stated Seeling.

He shared a similar sentiment when asked what advice he would give to someone interested in pursuing either construction or teaching.

“Have a connection to something you enjoy. Make that choice to pursue the joy [you] were created for. Find what that is,” said Seeling. “When they connect with that, they’re not only enjoying the work they’re doing. There’s a passion that develops out of that so that they can be effective.”


Videography: John Vogt

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: Home Page Staff

Anchor: Andrew Moore


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by First Citizens Community Bank, Pop’s Culture Shoppe

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