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The Home Page Network is a fantastic way to reach thousands of people in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, and beyond with your message. With a total reach of over 1.3 million people since January 2020, you can connect with thousands of potential customers each month.

You choose. Advertise on Wellsboro Home Page, Mansfield Home Page, Blossburg Home Page, Home Page Sports, and HPN News. You can also advertise on the entire network. Combine different markets or products to meet your needs.

The Home Page Network is a NEW MEDIA experience.
In today’s world, NEW MEDIA exposure is the best way to advertise your goods and services. We live in people’s pockets!

Your organization will be associated with good instead of robberies, murder, mayhem, and political discord. In today’s world, media outlets are cashing in on human suffering and strife. In fact, if it’s not bad, it’s hardly considered news. Some media organizations live by the motto – IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS. When you advertise with Home Page, your company is associated with the good and worthwhile things that happen in a community. People appreciate that.

We teach them to love you. The Home Page Network is continually reminding our Home Page viewers that our advertisers are the good guys. We often thank our family of advertisers on the air and let people know that if not for our advertisers, we would not have been able to cover their sons or daughters in that last big game or academic achievement.

We maximize Facebook on your behalf. We have found a way to blend Home Page Facebook with our Home Page website products to obtain the very best exposure for our Home Page advertisers.

We are growing. The Home Page Network now covers Wellsboro, Mansfield, and Blossburg, Pennsylvania. And, we are in the process of developing new markets for the future. As we grow, you have the opportunity to reach more people. And, once you are a Home Page Advertiser, we will take care of you!

You get a lot for your advertising dollar. Many of our products automatically include free commercial production with a fantastic team of videographers and creative editors to make sure our audience sees, understands, and appreciates your product or service. Here is what you get with many of our advertising packages:

  • Free commercial production – including shooting and editing.
  • Permission to use your commercial production on other media as long as you are an active Home Page advertiser in good standing.
  • Permission to embed your commercial production or any story we produce about your organization on your website or social media as long as you are an active Home Page advertiser in good standing.
  • Banner advertising with links to your chosen destinations.
  • A stopover page tied to your banner, which includes graphics, text, pictures, and videos to help tell your story.
  • Facebook advertising included with our broadcast promos and stand-alone Facebook presentations.
  • Front page exposure for a minimum of 30 days.
  • Extra exposure on our high-rotation Feature Stories section.
  • The Home Page Network App!
  • Banner exposure on Home Page Sports.
  • The Home Page Network endorsement – our audience knows that it’s an outstanding product or service if they see it on Home Page. Any shenanigans with the folks, and we will pull an advertiser immediately. Our viewers know that as part of our Home Page Family of Advertisers, they can trust you!

We have the perfect advertising package to meet your needs and your budget. Call today and set up an appointment to have one of our Home Page Advertising Representatives come and show you what we have to offer.

We will do an excellent job for you!

CALL: (570) 948-9181

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