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Chamber Highlights: Work Study Program

Behind the scenes with Dawn & their work study program


by Amiee Jones - August 3, 2018

The Mansfield Chamber of Commerce team is often busy facilitating local events and special occasions. However, there are regularly scheduled services that are provided to the community, as well. These resources are conveniences that Mansfield community members can certainly gain from! Chamber Representative, Dawn Hull, took some time to explain a couple of these available benefits.

The Fullington bus service is a little known gem in the Mansfield community. This amenity can be used to reach any destination within the United States, as passengers can connect to Greyhound routes in several locations. The bus schedule can be provided by the Chamber Office, with destinations including Elmira, Williamsport, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and New York City. Fullington busing is an especially convenient resource for college students needing to travel home and back.

In addition to providing transportation for students, the Chamber also runs a Work Study Program, available for Mansfield University students to participate in. Work Study student workers at the Chamber will execute tasks that vary from administrative to service oriented, and have the opportunity to learn more about Mansfield and the operations within the town. Dawn describes the Chamber Office as, “a very social, welcoming place”. So, students who apply for the Work Studies Program would ideally enjoy conversation and be excited to participate in assisting the town through the various events and services that the Chamber provides.

A current Work Studies student, Josh Johnson, shared briefly about his responsibilities and experience since joining the program. Josh has been entrusted with managing the Chamber’s social media presence and helps with advertisements for upcoming events. Josh recently added a few updates to the Chamber’s website to make it’s use more beneficial and efficient. Also, those interested in purchasing bus tickets are directed to him. Josh had previously existing projects that require social media updates, and his position at the Chamber Office his helping him hone that skill. In addition, he mentioned, “I’m am studying to be a music teacher, so I can see how the social aspect of this, talking with people and working out solutions, will definitely benefit my career as a teacher.”
The Mansfield Chamber of Commerce certainly enriches the community, and offers invaluable resources and amenities. For more information about local events and services, be sure to peruse the Chamber’s website! Or, call the office: (570) 662-3442.


Idea/Concept: Amiee Jones

Videography: Andrew Moore

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: N/A

Correspondent: Amiee Jones


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