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The Weekly Highlights 07/14/14 – 07/18/14

A look at this week's highlights on Wellsboro Home Page


by Home Page Staff - July 19, 2014

It’s time once again to take a look at what happened the past week. The Weekly Highlights are a great way to catch up, but don’t forget that you can always watch the full stories from either our front page or the archives section.



Endless Mountain Music Festival begins on July 26th with 16 concerts, ending on August 10. There are many different varieties of orchestral music to enjoy – brass, roaring 20’s and jazz just to mention a few. You can also meet artists from all over the globe! Some of them travel from places like Switzerland, Spain, China, India and various locations around the United States. Local talent from Tioga County participate in the festival as well. Children’s admission is free for every concert. There are many options for you to be involved during the three week festival. For example, you can support by volunteering as an usher for the concerts. (That is how I went to my first concert and found an appreciation and wonder for the music.) To volunteer or found out how you can contribute, call (570) 787-7800. For more information and to find a full listing of all the festival activities, you can visit their website at



On this special feature of Attics, Basements, and Secret Places, our correspondent Morgan Koziar managed to get herself and the Home Page crew thrown in jail. Along with being incarcerated, Home Page also had the opportunity to tour the old jail, which is now the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce. Lauren Morral guided us through the historic building and showed us many of the features used in the jail that are still there today. If you are interested in any information about Wellsboro, or the town’s history – be sure to visit the Wellsboro Area Chamber Commerce, or stop by their website at



We had a special guest on Home Page – Dr. Adam F Brennan. He is an active composer, arranger, performer and clinician in band and percussion. He is the Director of The Spirit and The Pride of Pennsylvania: The Mansfield University Marching Band – a group for which he writes all music. Dr. Brennan conducts the outstanding Concert Wind Ensemble, and works with the Concert Percussion Ensemble, Mexican Marimba Band, and newly formed MU Steel Pan ensemble. He also teaches courses in percussion, drill design, and instrumental conducting.



Canyon Country Cabs offers a variety of transit options. You can find transportation to all major airports, as well as Wellsboro Johnston Airport, Williamsport Airport, and Elmira Regional Airport. Their reservation system ensure timely arrivals. They also offer Para-Transit services – (special rates with advance reservation, running Monday through Saturday.) This is especially helpful to reduce mileage rates for long distance trips. Canyon Country Cabs is the only taxi service within 100 miles with a credit card payment system.

For more information about the Canyon Country Cabs or the services that they have to offer, you can visit their website at or call there Call-on-Demand service at (570) 724-2424. You can also find them on Facebook!



Golden Retrievers are some of the most lovable, caring, and loyal dogs known to man. Unfortunately, this great species is fighting an intense battle. Studies have found that nearly 60% of all Golden Retrievers will develop cancer in their lifetime. The Morris Animal Foundation is doing their part to help stop this, but they need your help. The Morris Animal Foundation is heading a Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. They encourage owners of Golden Retrievers to enroll their dogs in this initiative to help diagnose, treat, and prevent this terrible disease.

The study’s success depends on highly committed Golden Retriever owners. Anyone interested in the study must participate in the study for the life of the dog. Complete Online questionnaires regarding your dog’s diet and environment. You must take your dog to its veterinarian for annual examinations and sample collections (blood, urine, feces, hair and toenail clippings). The dog must also be microchipped. Learn more and register online at



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