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Tioga County Reopens Businesses

Local business preview following yellow phase launch


by Rhonda Pearson - May 15, 2020

With Tioga County entering into the yellow phase, small businesses are re-opening. This broadcast features Shawn Bryant (President of the G.R.O.W. board), Bethany Hawn (owner of Bethany‘s Jewelry and Design), Ann Dunham Rawson (Vice President of Sales and Merchandising for Dunhams Department Store), Anja Stam (Retail Manager at Pop’s Culture Shoppe), and Terry Bryant (owner & broker of Penn Oak Realty).

“We are very excited on behalf of the GROW board, and Tyoga, to announce that the golf course is open for play. There are some social distancing measures in place.” said Shawn Bryant. “Some of those measures are riding in your own cart. You won’t find your own rakes to rake the sand traps…etc.”

Tyoga is encouraging people to call ahead to the pro shop for tee times so that all you need to do when you arrive is say hello in the pro shop before heading to the first tee. This will help to keep it as contact-less as possible. Shawn also wanted everyone to know that Tyoga’s restaurant is open for takeout. Hours vary this time of year, so call ahead at 570-724-1653.

“Through May the course has a Tioga County special, so if you have a Tioga County drivers license address, you can play for $25 per round – which is a great deal to get you started on your season.” said Shawn Bryant.

The Penn Wells Hotel is also offering “Stay-And-Play” packages, encouraging safe and socially distant outdoor activities for tourists like cycling, hiking and golfing.

Dunham’s Department Store was available to customers during the closure via online sales or phone calls with pick-up purchases at Dunham’s Do-It Center. However, now they have reopened their store to the public – with department limitations.

*The children’s department and the housewares department, which is in the process of being moved, are closed to the public,” said Ann Dunham Rawson. “You can still purchase from these departments, and if we have the staff, they can guide people to those areas.”

The store also has a limited number of registers open. Anything that has been handled is disinfected, and clothes that have been tried on are steamed afterwards to protect against contamination.

Despite the limitations, the store is still holding a special sale.

“Our Founders Day Sale was slightly interrupted, so beginning last week we are continuing our Founders Day Sale. So it’s 20% off almost everything in the store. You’ll have to come in to see what’s on sale,” said Rawson.

Bethany’s Jewelry and Design has also reopened with limited hours and modifications to the store for customer safety.

“We are really excited to be open, and we believe that all businesses in town are essential and should be open again,” said Bethany Hawn.

In addition to reopening, Bethany’s Jewelry and Design is also offering some sales, including 20% off everything in the store, 15% off Mother’s Day items and 15% off special orders. Because of graduation not happening this year, graduation gifts are also 15% off. Their store is currently open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11AM until 4PM.

Pop’s Culture Shoppe, much like Dunham’s, also maintained business during the closure by way of online sales and curb-side pickup, which they are still encouraging as the safest option. However, Anja and Julian are still happy to have customers in-store with their new safety protocols in place.

In addition to frequent washing and wiping of surfaces and registers after every transaction, Anja and Julian have become customers “hands” by procuring and presenting merchandise for the customers in an effort to keep fewer hands from touching products.

As for game night, unfortunately the game room is closed and they can’t rent out games right now. But if you are planning on having a family game night at your home, please let them know and they may be able to help you with some prizes when you buy a game from them.

Businesses hours for Pop’s Culture shop have changed: Monday through Saturday, from 10AM to 5PM.

Penn Oak Realty has begun showing houses again.

“As of last Friday, May 8, we are allowed to show homes. We have to follow the COVID-19 procedures. Only so many people are allowed in the home, everything gets swept down before and after, but yeah – we are open to list properties and to show properties,” said owner & broker Terry Bryant.

During the shut down, Penn Oak Realty was allowed to close the deals they had booked before March 16.

“We are thankful that our community followed all the mandates. We live in a very safe place in Pennsylvania. It’s exciting. Soon you will see some new listings on the Penn Oak Realty Home Page site!” said Bryant.

Penn Oak Realty is staffed full-time and ready to serve the community. They are open Monday through Friday, from 9AM to 5PM and Saturday from 9AM to noon. They are also open by appointment. If you have any questions for Penn Oak Realty or would like to schedule an appointment, call 570-724-8000.

We hope everyone will get out and enjoy our county – but be cautious, stay safe and keep washing your hands.


Videography: Andrew Moore

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: Rhonda Pearson

Anchor: Rhonda Pearson


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by UPMC, As a public service by Jim & Mary McIlvaine

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