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What will we do with this life-changing gift?


by John Vogt - January 7, 2019

Thank God for new beginnings. I don’t know about you, but I much appreciate the opportunity that a new start brings. I am not big on New Year resolutions even though I see the good in them. I have disappointed myself far too many times by failing to keep them.

Resolving to have victory over an area where we are challenged is a positive thing. But, when we break the resolution, we can feel hopeless. But, a “new beginning” has the potential to change things for us on a much deeper level if we truly embrace the power of these two concepts.

NEW is defined as not existing before; introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time, just beginning or beginning anew and regarded as better than what went before: starting a new life, [predicative] (new to) unfamiliar or strange to (someone): a way of living that was new to me. (of a person) reinvigorated or restored.

BEGINNING is defined as the point in time or space at which something starts, the first part or earliest stage of something, the ending of one thing and the beginning of another, the background or origins of anything, introductory or elementary

You can see the potential when we internalize the hope that these two ideas can bring. I genuinely believe that the concept of “New Beginnings” is a gift from God. After all, He is the God of new beginnings. We see in scripture that as a believer in Jesus that old things pass away and all things become new in Him. 2 Cor. 5:17.

Simply put, as we begin this new year we are at a time of, “New Beginnings” which potentially means the beginning of something that has not existed before. And the definition of beginning denotes that there is more to come. The opening of this chapter in our lives is just the START. That leaves room for a broken resolution or two because a “new beginning” is more profound than a broken resoluton. As we grow, learn and embrace a new beginning we can look forward to seeing how God will unfold the story.

The important thing is what we do with this gift of, “New Beginnings.” We can keep going the way we have been. This year can be the same as last year and maybe the year before. We can make a bunch of New Year resolutions and hope that somehow we have enough resolve and strength to keep them. And, then when we break the resolution we can say, awe heck with it,” and go back to the way things were. But, if we thank God for the opportunity of a new beginning and make Him part of the process then it all changes. Step by step, day by day we press on being changed and strengthened by the power of His might working in us and through us. And, we need not fret or be discouraged after all it’s only the beginning.

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What will we do with this life-changing gift?

January 7, 2019