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Ms. Knox’s Box

Hats, history and heritage


by Sara Vogt - November 7, 2019

While Ann Dunham Rawson, Ellen Bryant, Christine Moore-Seidel and Sara Vogt were discussing the possibility of presenting a fall hat and fashion show Christine placed a book on the table entitled, ‘Ms. Knox’s Box.’

What did this book with a lovely woman on the cover (wearing a hat) have to do with the plans for this event in November? Christine explained that the author of the book had bought hats from her since 2002 while attending a hat and fashion show like the one we were discussing. Curious to read the book, Sara called the author Anne Welling Knox for a copy and set up a time to interview for this broadcast.

At the beginning of this broadcast, Sara talks with Anne who is eighty-six years young about her love of hats and how she enjoys wearing them, especially those hand made by Christine A. Moore Millinery. Anne says about Christine, “She is just the most charming down to earth person I have ever known. Plus she is just so spiritual. It is so funny, that if you know her and know her hats you can pick out who is wearing her hats.” Anne was also the one who encouraged Christine to go to the Kentucky Derby to sell her hats. Well, Christine took Anne’s advice and has made history by being chosen as the first featured milliner to have that title in the 145-year history of the Derby.

When Anne spoke about her book, Ms. Knox’s Box she told Sara that the inspiration came from the grief of losing the love of her life, her husband Jack. She did not intend to write a book about her life’s journeys but she did read a quote that said ‘your life is just a series of stories.’ So she began to write on spiral notebooks until they were filled and then she began the process of editing them. Many of the stories are about Anne’s love for God, her family, and her country with a love story about Jack and herself woven throughout.

Anne and her daughter Cindy will be at the hat and fashion show on the 16th of November at the Penn Wells Hotel. If you would like to buy her book or just chat with her she will be at Dunham’s Department Store after 2:00 pm when the show is finished.

All of the hats worn and seen in this broadcast in the room with Anne and Sara are part of the Christine A. Moore hat collections. To view other collections please go to their website at


Videography: Andrew Moore

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: Sara Vogt

Anchor: Lauren Gooch

Correspondent: Sara Vogt


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Dunham’s Dept Store, Penn Wells Hotel / Lodge

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