Movin’ Together – Rail-Trail Adventure!

Stock up on nutritious snacks for your next canyon excursion!


by Melissa Bravo - July 6, 2016

Movin’ Together is a feature designed to encourage women of all ages to be their best, feel their best, look their best and do their best for others. We want to cheer you on!

We also want to celebrate the achievements of women such as our guest today, Linda Stager. Linda, a native of Tioga County now retired after forty years of working in the field of social services, is the author of the 2015 fitness publication book entitled Pine Creek Rail Trail Guidebook.

Her inspiration to write about the scenic views and wildlife along the 62 miles of the Pine Creek Trail came about as she tackled a personal goal she’d set for herself after retirement – to lose weight. To her, it seemed a logical choice to begin that odyssey on the smooth and relatively flat former rail bed that runs through Tioga County, Pennsylvania and onward into Lycoming County.

Her perseverance has led to a life changing transformation. Not only did she lose one hundred pounds on her quest, but she also fell in love with the natural beauty and peacefulness one can find while riding a bike through the valley of Pine Creek.

The Pine Creek Rail -Trail Guidebook (A Bicycle Ride Through History) is a journey meant for the entire family to enjoy. On today’s Movin’ Together, Wellsboro Home Page staff ride with Linda as she takes us down the trail, stopping to highlight the nesting site of a pair of bald eagles, the graceful flight of a blue heron and local landmarks along the way. Join us as we ride 3.5 miles to the Turkey Path which ties the rim overlook at Leonard Harrison lookout to the Canyon floor below.

We’ll talk about the health and spiritual benefits of getting out and bicycling through the bountiful beauty of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon and discuss the right kinds of snacks to bring on such an adventure so that everyone has the energy to hike or bike back to the Darling Run parking area where we will start our three hour journey.

For more information on the Pine Creek Trail you may purchase a copy of Linda’s book which covers the entire sixty-two miles of the trail. Her books are available for purchase on Facebook [The Pine Creek Rail Trail Guidebook] and at local business in Wellsboro such as the Penn Wells Hotel Lobby or at the Penn Wells Lodge.


*Sara’s bike was purchased from our friends at Country Ski & Sports in downtown Wellsboro.


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