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Hamilton-Gibson presents Frozen Junior

Local students perform Disney fantasy musical favorite


by Beth Mossman - January 16, 2020

The ice princess, Elsa, and her sister, Anna melted our hearts in 2013 on the big screen. Now they are coming to life on the stage at Blossburg Elementary School auditorium on January 17 & 18 at 7:30pm when Hamilton-Gibson’s winter theater arts camp presents Disney’s Frozen Junior.

Enjoy this performance by 91 area students in grades 3-9 as they sing, dance, and share the familiar story of two sisters who were separated by magic as young children. But through their love for each other, they find they can overcome anything. The admission for the shows will be “pay what you can.”

There will be another winter theater arts camp, with a whole new cast, performing Frozen Junior in Elkland. Performances will be at the Elkland school auditorium on February 7 & 8.

FROZEN CAST: Blossburg Camp
CAST (in order of appearance)
Young Anna…Claire Smith
Young Elsa…June Roth
King Agnarr…Colby Bowen
Queen Iduna…Amy Feaster
Pabbie…Vincent Chirwa
Hulda…Audrey Wetzel
Middle Anna…Megan Robbins
Middle Elsa…Lydia James
Bishop…E. Grace Bishop
Castle Staff…Sarah Burke, Jessica Cummings,
Karter Campbell, Jude Cuneo, Brayden Johnson
Anna…Annie Gehman
Elsa…Lily Cuneo
Kristoff…Gunnar Bowen
Sven…Kate DeCamp
Hans…Noah Vickery
Duke of Weselton…Isaiah Ephthimieu
Olaf…River Moyer
Oaken…Katie Burke

Full Cast List

Esther Allen
Paityn Barnes
Melyia Bartlett
Arianna Benner
Elizabeth Bishop
E. Grace Bishop
Thomas Bishop
Sierra Blaine
Garrett Brion
Colby Bowen

Gunnar Bowen
Sarah Burke
Jayden Burton
Carter Campbell
Luke Chakrabordy
Isabella Chirwa
Vincent Chirwa
Daveian Crowley
Jessica Cummings
Jude Cuneo

Lily Cuneo
Kate DeCamp
Oliver Duterte
Isaiah Efthimiou
Amy Feaster
Mason Forer
Kaylee Frazier
Abaigeal Garverick
Annie Gehman
Ren Gehman

Thomas Gordon
Gabriella Gregory
Jadon Gunderson
Lacy Harvey
Abbi Haughwout
Jocelyn Hinman
Nola Hodder
Lydia James
Mary James
Annabelle Johns

Brayden Johnson
Bryanna Johnson
Mazie Johnson
Rosalind King
Hailee Krayvo
Katherine Kuhl
Addilyn Lehman
Blake Martin
Finn Matthews
Oliver Matthews

Kennedy McLelland
Madelyn McNamara
Amaya McNeal
Jillian Mickey
Mallory Milheim
Katie Mossman
Fen Moyer
Luna Moyer
River Moyer
Ashlyn Nickerson

Ray Nickerson
Lindsay Noldy
Piper Perry
Olivia Plouse
Megan Robbins
June Roth
Lena Grace Rothermel
Alexandria Schultz
Lauren Slaymaker
Claire Smith

Elliot Spooner
Savannah Stueber
Elayne Thompson
Kail Thompson
Mason Thompson
Molly Tice
Rebecca Vick
Noah Vickery
Aniyah Webb
Grace Weirback

Sophia Weirback
Audrey Wetzel
Khloe Williams
Brooke Wilcox
Hayden Wilson
Raegan Wilson
Ella Wood
Olivia Worden
Gracie Yoder
Adalyne Yungwirth
Austin J. Yungwirth


Videography: Ethan Chabala

Video Editing: Ethan Chabala

Writing: Beth Mossman

Anchor: Gracie Bishop

Correspondent: Katie Mossman


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by First Citizens Community Bank, Matthews Motor Company

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