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Creature Care: COVID-19 Precautions

As we care for each other, let's not forget our pets!


by Dr John Weiner - March 18, 2020

Our pets are special members of our families and communities. As we take steps to protect and care for ourselves and loved ones during this time, let’s not forget our pets.
Point 1: Make sure your animals have the food, the water and the medications they need. Then document their daily needs and share that information with a friend outside the home.
Point 2: Ask a neighbor how you could help them and their pets in the event they are unable to care for their animals themselves.
Point 3: Keep your pets with you and treat them as the valued members of the family that they are. Don’t do anything unusual or different just because of this virus except keep them distanced with you. That means away from other pets and people for the time being.
In our goal to ‘Flatten-the-Curve’:  Don’t panic, have a plan for your pet’s care, and consider your neighbors and community in this time of ‘social distancing’. There is much we do not know about this virus and our pets. What we do know is that our pets are members of the family and the community, consider them.
For information on animals and COVID-19 virus here are some helpful links.
Also you can also reach Dr Weiner at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care in Elkland by calling: 814-258-5719
Or email us at:
On the web at:


Videography: Andrew Moore

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: Dr John Weiner

Anchor: Sara Vogt


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Pleasant Valley Veterinary Care

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