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Borough Council – March 10, 2020

New Tioga County Co-Responder Introduced


by Home Page Staff - March 10, 2020

The big story coming out of this month’s Wellsboro Borough Council Meeting was the welcoming of Zara Johnson as Tioga County Co-Responder. On March 9th, the Wellsboro Borough Council conducted its monthly meeting at the Borough Office building. We have included a copy of this month’s agenda below. Along with the motions, approvals, resolutions, and remarks from a concerned citizen Wellsboro’s Police Chief Jim Bodine introduced Zara Johnson. On today’s broadcast Home Page Correspondent Lauren Gooch talks with Zara Johnson and Chief Bodine on how this new appointment will benefit our community.

Wellsboro Borough Council Meetings are open to the public and are held on the second Monday of every month. Beginning in April, the Borough Council meetings will begin at 5 pm. Due to the Easter holiday, the April Borough Council Meeting and Shade Tree Commission will be held on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020, at their regularly scheduled times. The Home Page Network encourages you to attend these meetings so that you can be aware of what is going on in town and to support your local community.

Wellsboro Borough Council
Meeting Agenda
March 9, 2020
6 PM

Call Meeting to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of the February 10, 2020 Council Meeting

Public Comments on Agenda Items


NEW BUSINESS – March 9th Executive Session

HARB: Did not meet

Committee Reports:
General Government, Administration, Buildings, Personnel
Motion to ratify and approve accounts payable for all accounts
Motion to approve the Treasurers Report for January, 2020

Beginning in April, the Borough Council meetings will begin at 5pm. Due to the Easter holiday, the April Borough Council Meeting and Shade Tree Commission will be held on Tuesday April 14th, 2020 at their regularly scheduled times.

Motion to adopt Resolution #2020-01, a Resolution in Support of a Citizens Commission for Legislative and Congressional Redistricting

Motion to adopt Resolution #2020-02, adopting the Wellsboro Borough Schedule of Fees

A Conditional Use hearing is scheduled for April 14th, 2020 at 430pm for the Vineyard Church application for a church in the Commercial Manufacturing Zoning District

Motion to approve the McCarthy Subdivision/De Losa Lot Addition

Safety, Police, Fire, Protective Inspections, Codes, EMA

Mayor’s Report
Mayoral Proclamation – April is “Safe Digging Month”

Police Report

Public Works, Solid Waste, Highways, Parking, Water, Sewer

Open bids for street projects (approval would be pending PennDOT Local Rep approval)
The Borough has received $1,360.00 in Turn Back funds and $119,375.21 in Liquid Fuels monies from the state.
Motion to advertise Ordinance #698, adjusting water and sewer rates as follows:

1,000 gallons – $17.77 (remains the same)
2,000 gallons to 33,000 gallons – $6.41/1,000 gallons
(Increase of 0.25¢ for residential customers)
After 33,000 gallons – $5.00/1,000 gallons
Flat Rate at bulk filling station – $7.00/1,000 gallons

Flat Rate – $40.00/month (for users with sewer only)
All other rates remain the same

No change is proposed in the garbage rate

On March 18, Crafton Street will be closed between Main Street and Water Street for crane setup for a local roofing project.

The borough has received a grant of $83,413.00 from the Tioga County Conservation District Dirt & Gravel Road Program for stormwater extension on Bodine Street. This will complete the stormwater system to the borough limits.

Motion to approve purchase of materials for Bodine Street stormwater extension at Co-Stars pricing

Motion to partner with Wellsboro Municipal Authority to purchase Compact Excavator with 12” and 24” heavy duty bucket and a 36” ditching bucket from Five Star Equipment through Co-Stars pricing. The total cost of the machine is $51,127.48 with the borough’s contribution being $16,127.48; with the Municipal Authority paying the remaining $35,000.00. The Co-Stars pricing will offer a savings of $17,855.00. The borough’s contribution will be split between the Water and Sewer accounts.

Parks & Recreation, Trees, Beautification, Senior Center

The Borough has received the NPDES permit for the Woodland Park Project and the project is out for bid.

Employee Benefits, Negotiations, Insurance, Safety, Training

All borough staff successfully completed First Aid and CPR training.

Motion to approve salary increase of $3,000.00 for Rob Cleveland, Water and Sewer Operator, raising his salary to $60,062.82

Other Business

Public Comments

Adjourn – Next Borough Council Meeting is April 14th, 2020 at 5pm.


Videography: Andrew Moore, John Vogt

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: Home Page Staff

Anchor: Rhonda Pearson

Correspondent: Lauren Gooch


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Matthews Motor Company, Red Skillet

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