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Andrew Moore Arrested :)

HPN Director of Video Production has been charged with a birthday!


by John Vogt - March 21, 2019

Andrew Moore, our Director of Video Production here at The Home Page Network, was taken into custody on Thursday, March 14th and CHARGED WITH A BIRTHDAY! Shortly after his arrest, Andrew was taken to the Historic Penn Wells Hotel where he faced additional charges from his boss and other members of our community.

Many people brought their case against Andrew Moore, and over 50 witnesses were there to agree with the accusations. It all began with Home Page President John Vogt finding Andrew guilty of Galatians 5:22-23 – But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things, there is no law.

Here is a partial list of the Charges presented:

Andrew Moore, the Citizens of Tioga County – especially the communities of Wellsboro, Mansfield and Blossburg have found you guilty of the following charges.

Loving others – Andrew we are charging you with repeatedly loving your staff and co-workers and the people of our communities looking beyond yourself to the needs of others.

Joy – We have several witnesses who have come forward to testify that working with you is a great joy. These have been consistent observations.

Peace – When the bottom falls out, and the roof falls in you have continued to work in peace. Many have told us that you do your very best to be at peace with others no matter what the circumstances.

Patience – You have constantly demonstrated patience with most all of us in this room. Even when we reach TAKE #37, you continue to be patient and encouraging.

Kindness – Countless numbers of people in our region have stated that you have a servants heart and have been extremely kind to others both at work and in your private life.

Goodness – Without fail every witness that we have talked to has stated clearly that you are simply an all around good guy. You hang with good people. You cover good news and events. Your words are seasoned with salt and light. After a thorough investigation, we have found these charges to be absolutely true. You, Mr. Moore, are what we would call a goodie two shoes.

Faithfulness – As your boss and co-laborer I can testify to your faithfulness myself. Time and time again you have worked to the wee hours in the morning to make sure our edit was the best it could be. You have been a good and faithful employee – I trust you with my family and my life. Negative buzz can bring any organization down from within… you have always been faithful and respectful, and that is greatly appreciated.

Gentleness – I believe that everyone in this room can testify to your gentleness. You are a true GENTLEman.

And finally, we charge you with SELF CONTROL. In situations where most people would have lost their temper, you never have. Whether it was TAKE #37, re-editing a broadcast for the 4th time, or staying up to 3 in the morning to get it done right, you have always exercised self-control.

Several others came forward to charge Andrew Moore with being an outstanding young man in our community including his mother.

The final charge was presented in song as Home Page staff members, advertisers and community leaders sang Happy Birthday.

Johanna Vogt closes today’s broadcast with this,” on behalf of all your co-workers here at The Home Page Network and the thousands of people that you have touched here in Tioga County; we pray that this next year of your life will be the best ever. Happy Birthday Andrew Moore. We thank God for you every day.


Idea/Concept: John Vogt

Videography: Tim Crane, Ed Weaver

Video Editing: Ethan Chabala

Writing: John Vogt

Anchor: Johanna Vogt

Correspondent: John Vogt


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Penn Wells Hotel / Lodge, Akiko’s

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