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How it Works & When You Should Use It

DCNR Moves to Open State Park Swimming Beaches & Pools

Tioga County observes Memorial Day

Community cheers for Class of 2020 car parade in Wellsboro

Spacious, peaceful home atop the hills above Hills Creek

Tioga County is Moving to Green May 29

COVID-19 PA County Testing

PIAA Supports Return to Play

C&N Appoints Local Team Members to VP

Support For Child Care Providers

Welcoming Chiropractor Dr. Sarah Taylor to the Laurel Health Family


Wellsboro Highlights: 05/08/17 – 05/12/17

A week of Wellsboro Home Page feature highlights!


by Home Page Staff - May 13-14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day weekend from all of us here at The Home Page Network!

It’s time once again to take a look at what happened the past week. The Weekly Highlights are a great way to catch up, but don’t forget that you can always watch the full stories from either our front page or the archives section.
Dunham’s Corner – Tips for Mother’s Day
Dunham’s offers a wide array of thoughtful and affordable gifts for mothers and grandmothers of all ages—including beautiful handcrafted jewelry, classic and casual clothing, and an extensive selection of housewares that are perfect for mom. Dunham’s also has an assortment of items by local artist, Heather Mee.

There is something for everyone. “We’ve got looks for young moms, older moms, grandmas, active moms—you name it,” Ann says, “We’ve got it for your mom.” She also notes that during Dunham’s Mother’s Day Sale they are offering Mystery Bonus Bucks.
Hornets top NP-Liberty & NP-Mansfield
A solo home run by junior Kailee Clymer in the bottom of the fifth inning gave the Wellsboro Varsity Softball team a 5-3 win over rival North Penn-Liberty on Monday, May 8.

“Defense was outstanding again tonight,” concluded Brought. “Strong plays by Kailee at short, Heidi Zuchowski did a fantastic job at first base, outfielders made the plays when they had to, and Alyssa on the mound with 11 strikeouts, that’s a great combination.”

The Wellsboro Varsity Baseball team avenged a 13-2 earlier season loss to rival North Penn-Mansfield with a 4-2 win on Monday, May 8 to split the season series.

“Billy and Johnny pitched well,” Prough said of his pitchers. “Both were around the plate. Our goal is four or fewer walks per game. If we do that, we’ll be in every game. Tonight, we had four walks. It gave us a chance and Caleb came up big.”
Personal Profiles – Ed Weaver
While coaching, Ed came up with an idea to give the teams and athletes more publicity. Outside of major media outlets and professional teams and athletes, not much information or statistics were available online at the time. In an effort to give more exposure to the football team, Ed created in 2006. The website eventually snowballed and evolved into in 2010. Ed worked on the websites outside of his full time jobs at the time, entering statistics and writing articles.

As the websites became more involved, there became a greater push to see more statistics and athletes recognized. That’s when Ed launched his own business, Circle W Sports. Through this service, Ed creates a web platform for schools to enter and display scores, statistics and analysis of their athletes, teams and athletic programs.
Behind the Sparkle – Emerald
Nothing compares to the vibrant bluish-green color of an emerald. It is the most famous of the Beryl Family and one of the most popular colored stones. The emerald is classified as a TYPE 3 stone, which means it is almost always included. (aAn inclusion is a characteristic enclosed within a gemstone, or reaching its surface from the interior.) But what Bethany loves about this is that emeralds can have what is called a “three phase inclusion (included crystal – liquid- and a gas.)”

“I can spend hours looking through my microscope to find these fascinating inclusions,” says Bethany. “Because sometimes that little gas bubble can move within the liquid.”
UPMC Susquehanna Winners!
The results are in!
The third annual UPMC Susquehanna Weight Loss Challenge has wrapped up, and the results are impressive!

During the 2017 Weight Loss Challenge—which spanned fourteen weeks and included 779 individual participants divided into teams of ten—the total weight loss added up to 2,950.5 pounds.

The Soldiers + Sailors Memorial Hospital (SSMH) team, “The Fat and the Furious,” were the champions in the most pounds lost category with 155.5 pounds shed during the course of the event. Soldiers + Sailors Memorial Hospital walked away with the Weight Loss Challenge leadership team win, as well. Recognized for losing the highest percentage of body fat was the Williamsport Regional Medical Center’s (WRMC) “Cake Walk” team. Each member of the winning teams receives a paid day off of work as a reward for their hard work and dedication.


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