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A week of Home Page Network feature highlights!

The Eaton Calendar - August 19

The Home Page Network Is Growing

Annual community-building event hosted at MU

Head to Wellsboro for a carnival & circus-themed adventure!

The Eaton Calendar - July 29

The Laurel Health Centers Debut Chiropractic Services

Come enjoy the Endless Mountain Music Festival!

Join Dr. Weiner for another episode of Creature Care

Caring for a plant or flower can be fun and beneficial!

Your Bank For a Lifetime updates appearance

Community gathers to celebrate hometown heroes

The cooking keeping campers content at Hills Creek!


Wellsboro Highlights: 01/01/17 – 01/05/17

A week of Home Page feature highlights!


by Home Page Staff - January 6, 2018

The Weekly Highlights are a great way to catch up, but don’t forget that you can always watch the full stories from either our front page or the archives section.

Dr. Mayo – A Healthy FREE Gift!
Hugs are the powerful gift that affects us in so many ways. Naturally skin contact is essential for our overall well-being. What might sound weirder is that our skin actually craves this contact; it gets “hungry”, especially when we’re stressed.

When stressed, our body produces cortisol (the stress hormone), making us more susceptible to illness, more so if it’s chronic and severe. But when we get hugs, our body releases oxytocin (you have heard me talk about this before), which binds us to people, keeps us healthy, and puts us in a relaxed state. For real, hugs can be a huge factor in preventing us from getting sick (more likely if we have social support to back them up).

In fact, Sheldon Cohen, one of the Carnegie Mellon researchers who conducted the study on 400 adults, mentioned that hugging protects people under stress from increased risk for colds and increases our sense of intimacy, especially when facing hardships. Furthermore, it decreases our heart rate, feelings of anger and sadness, and reduces cortisol.
Investing In Your Child’s Future
For many parents and grandparents, investing in their children’s future is a high priority. But it can be tough to figure out the best time and the best way to get started. Ben Howe, from C&N’s Trust and Financial Management Group, took the time to share some of his expertise by answering these 6 common questions.

What are the alternatives to savings bonds as gifts?
There are many options to consider. For college, 529 plans are state sponsored college savings programs. These have seen significant growth in recent years and are specifically designed to save for college. When you know a child is going to go to college, this is an efficient tool to save for tuition and college expenses. However, there can be some drawbacks if the money is not used for college.

UGMA (Uniform Gift to Minor Account) and UTMA (Unified Transfer to Minor Account) are custodial accounts. These are flexible in the sense that the funds can be used for any purpose and similar tax treatments. However, these are considered the child’s asset, which is not seen as favorably as a parent’s asset when applying for financial aid or tuition assistance. Even individual investment accounts can be set up and earmarked for later to be passed onto the child.
Rails to Trails into Wellsboro
A project 13 years in the making is breaking ground, literally. Due to heavy erosion and dangerous creek levels, areas of the Pine Creek are being moved to better protect local residents homes from flooding and to make way for an extension of the Rail Trail.

“We started this thirteen year ago,” said Grant “Skip” Cavanaugh, Co-Chairman of the Tioga County Trail Authority. “We were concerned with the erosion as the water was pushing underneath the railroad and into our back lawns. At the time of high water…the water…gets to be four feet higher than our lawns on the other side. It has not washed out since 1946, but there’s always that time.”
Emergency 101 – Forming an Emergency Plan
Today we’re going to talk about how YOU can be prepare YOURSELF for a disaster using four simple steps. They are as follows:

Step 1: Know the hazards which may impact you and your area
Step 2: Make an emergency plan to survive those hazards
Step 3: Test that plan, and
Step 4: Stay informed. Here’s how…


There are many websites which can help you identify the hazards most common to your area, but the best resource could be your local emergency management agency. They are required to maintain a prioritized list of hazards which could impact your area.


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