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Wellsboro Borough Council – 07/08/19

Reports, motions and a number of area citizens heard


by Lauren Gooch - July 10, 2019

A number of motions were passed at the Borough Council Meeting on Monday, July 8th. First, Bethany Hawn was granted paint, lighting and signage for her new business at 84 Main Street, “Bethany’s Jewelry and Design.” The Borough then approved accounts payable for all accounts, the Treasurer’s Report, and the Costellic Land Subdivision.

The approval for the addition of no parking zones was granted for Water Street (from Norris Street for 343 feet to the northeast along the southeastern side of the street; and Pearl Street (between Charles Street and King Street on the southeastern side of the street).

The Borough does not have a Facebook page, but does have a website, where bills can be paid.

The efforts of Go Pro Painting and Mike Pierce were acknowledged for re-painting 344 fire hydrants and the gaslights on East Avenue and Central Avenue.

Many roads are being paved, including the entire length of Riberolle Street, Wingate Street, Ives Street, and Willard Terrace; Morris Lane (between Grant and Bacon Street); Sherman Street (from Meade Street to Don Gill Elementary School); Meade Street (from Sherman Street toward 84 Meade Street); Woodland Avenue (from East Avenue to 53 Woodland Avenue); Fischler Street (between Stickley and Eberenz Street). Please avoid parking on the street until the process is complete. Thank you!

They also approved the following Park/Lane names: Access road to Meade Street ballfields to be named “Wheatley Ballfield Park,” access road to Charleston Street ballfields to be named “Charleston Ballfield Park,” and access road to Hamilton Lake parking and boat dock to be named “Hamilton Lake Lane.”

There are also plans to eliminate the harmful Ash trees in Woodland Park, using low impact methods of logging.

Kevin Clark’s request for a location for a new community garden was approved. The garden will be placed in the Meade Street Ballfield area with a possible location change in the future. This initiative will provide fresh produce that can be served at the food pantry the same day it is picked. The garden will be well-maintained, and will enhance the beauty of Wellsboro.

Penn Wells Hotel owner, Ellen Bryant, advocated for a different schedule for the street sweeper, as it was continuously disturbing hotel guests at 5:30am. The new street sweeper is quieter, and can be driven from either side of the street, eliminating the need for it to be driven early in the morning.

Greenway is planning on tearing down the freight railroad terminal, claiming that it is structurally unsound. Jim West believes the original structure should be saved, as it is a historic building in Wellsboro.

Borough Council meetings are open to the public and are held on the second Monday of every month at 6p.m. at the Borough Office. The next meeting will be held on August 12, 2019.

To view a copy of the meeting agenda from the July 8th meeting, click here.


Videography: John Vogt, Lauren Gooch

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: Lauren Gooch

Anchor: Lauren Gooch


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Penn Wells Hotel / Lodge, C&N

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