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The Grand “Welcome Back!”

High school teachers (and queen bee) welcome incoming students


by Kristine Worthington, John Vogt - September 1, 2016

The opening day of the school year offers the joy of new beginnings. Anticipation builds as students, parents and teachers get ready for the school doors to open. Faculty and staff begin preparing for each new school year by readying the school, the rooms, and the lessons. This year Principal Kreger thought it would be nice to kick off the year with a “sting” of excitement.

The Wellsboro High School teachers lined the entrance street into the school. They donned fun hats, gave high fives, and shook pom poms as the students and buses poured into the building’s entrance way. Even the bus drivers honked their horns in celebration. This enthusiastic welcome, on the first day back to school, reminds us all that school and the privilege to learn is worth celebrating.

Wellsboro’s new school superintendent, Dr. Brenda Freeman, echoed this idea as she shared a story about her mother. Dr. Freeman learned the value of education from her. Although Freeman’s mom had to stop attending school in 10th grade, she never lost her desire to continue her learning. It was many years later when Brenda was in the tenth grade that her mom was able to fulfill her wish to get a GED. This achievement was a special moment for both Dr. Freeman and her mother because they worked on the course work together. Brenda shared that her mom saw her through her college career and that she was an important partner to her success.

When Home Page asked Dr. Freeman what message she would like to share with the students, her focus immediately turned to the power of partnerships. She wants students to understand that what they learn in the classroom will not only benefit them but the community as well. Dr. Freeman reminded students, parents, and teachers, that we are all in this together. We all have different gifts and resources, and as we partner together, we empower one another to achieve great things. She hopes that students will value their school experience. Furthermore, Dr. Freeman hopes that students will gain the skills, knowledge, and wisdom needed to equip them for successful and fulfilling careers. These are the ideals that make a community stronger.

The Wellsboro school year is off to an excellent and exciting start. The teachers embraced the opportunity to show the students their spirited side. As Dr. Freeman said, “Teachers are people too.” Their encouragement of the students was genuine and heartfelt.

Regarding the BIG WELCOME from teachers and faculty, School Principal, Rob Kreger, stated that they wanted to do something that the students and teachers would remember. Rob went on to comment on the outstanding teaching staff at Wellsboro High School and that they have a lot of great things planned for this school year.

Athletic Director Matt Rendos stated that the school can be a boring place without the presence and energy of our students. He is grateful that the students are back. “Because that’s what it’s all about – it’s all about the kids,” said Rendos.

What a heartwarming kick off for the Wellsboro Hornets. The Hornet mascot brought it all together when she said, “The Stinger is stronger and better than ever – welcome back to school, have a great first day!”


Idea/Concept: John Vogt

Videography: Andrew Moore, Kline Kaufer, John Vogt

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: Kristine Worthington, John Vogt

Anchor: John Vogt

Correspondent: Sam Moss, John Vogt


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Penn Wells Hotel / Lodge, Akiko’s

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