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The Briefing – Fall & Winter Traffic Safety

Chief Bodine's safety tips for all door-to-door candy collectors and drivers!


by Chloe Quimby - October 29, 2015

This week WHP presents The Briefing. Police Chief Jim Bodine was once again kind enough to meet with us and offer some seasonally relevant advice. With the parade and candy collecting planned for Wellsboro between 5:30-8:00pm this Saturday, Chief Bodine begins with some trick-or-treating safety tips for parents taking their little ones door-to-door this year.

“We want everyone to have fun, but safety is paramount,” he asserts. He reminds parents to dress their children in bright colors and carry flashlights for maximum visibility to motorists. Parents are also encouraged to have children wait until after trick-or-treating to enjoy their candy, when parents have had a chance to look it over and make sure everything is safe for consumption.

As the temperature begins to drop and rain gives way to sleet and snow, Chief Bodine also recommends special attention be given to slick roads and limited visibility. “Year after year at the beginning of the winter season…that’s when we see a lot of crashes occur in the area. People are just not aware of the fact that road conditions are changing rapidly.”

To combat the trend, he suggests travelers to check the weather report before hitting the road. Additionally, he notes the importance of allowing enough time for vehicles to warm up and cars to be completely cleared of snow before exiting the driveway. He further warns about only clearing a little spot on the windshield, “You will get stopped and cited for that because you have to have all obstructions out of your view.” For safety’s sake, he also recommends keeping warm clothing in the car in case the driver becomes stranded.

Finally, Chief Bodine reminds everyone of seasonal changes to on-street parking restrictions. Since crews are working hard to clear the roads of snow before commuters set off in the morning, in many localities there is no parking on the street from 1am through the early morning hours. Those who do park on the street later in the day should be careful to park as close to the curb as they can and keep their side mirrors folded in to provide extra space for the plows to pass.


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