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Drew Seeling helps students discover their passion

The Eaton Calendar - June 11

Today's Personal Profile introduces Gracie Bishop

Rock L. Butler hosts cardboard boat race!

Wellsboro Sports Awards 2019

Upcoming event prepares for future of health care

NPM Athletes to Continue Careers


Mansfield Highlights:08/20/18 – 08/24/18

A week of Home Page feature highlights!


by Home Page Staff - August 25, 2018

The Weekly Highlights are a great way to catch up, but don’t forget that you can always watch the full stories from either our front page or the archives section.

Decorating Decoded: Universal Design
While the term “universal design” may be new, the concept of barrier-free design that it evolved from is not. Designing spaces to make them more accessible to people with disabilities actually started back in the 1960’s. Then in 1990, Congress passed a law called The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, which contained some specific legislation that required many businesses and public buildings to install ramps and elevators or make other accommodations to increase accessibility for disabled persons.
On the Radar – Back to School Safety
If you are dropping off/picking up students at school, be sure to follow your school district’s specific procedures:
– Watch out for children that may dart in between cars and run in parking lots
– Please don’t block crosswalks if you are stopped for a red light or other traffic
For students traveling to/from school:
– While waiting for the bus, stay back away from the road or curb
– Follow the rules set by the bus driver and don’t be a distraction
– When exiting the bus, look both ways and move away from the bus
State Rep. Candidates Address Education
On Wednesday, August 15, the Wellsboro Gazette hosted an Education Panel at The Deane Center in Wellsboro, PA. The event was presented as an opportunity to discuss the future of education for our region, with a focus on understanding the positions of our two state representative candidates for the 68th District, Carrie Heath and Clint Owlett. The event opened with an introduction by Josh Magnotta of the Wellsboro Gazette. After hearing comments from a number of the featured panelists (regarding education), our candidates, Heath and Owlett, stated their positions and responded to community questions – prompted by moderator William Hebe. Today’s video feature on The Home Page Network includes a few of the evening’s presented questions.
Laurel Behavioral Health
In the United States at this time there are over 40 million of us who are giving care to a loved one, friend or neighbor. It is a beautiful journey of our lives weaving into the fabric of our families and our nation. Many of those in this role are not in a paid position for their love and service but out of care support those in need. This opportunity to assist others, however, can take a toll on the caregiver if they do not step aside for a time of renewal themselves.
A Flood of Good Neighbors
Our neighbors in Troy, PA recently experienced a surprising and significant flood. On Monday, August 13th, water levels raised rapidly and began to run through various areas of town, rushing past barriers into streets and buildings, and ultimately causing significant damage. An event like this is always shocking to a community, especially when home and building owners survey the effect that the waters have had on their property.

However, there was a light in these bleak circumstances that lifted morale for the whole town. After the waters receded a bit Monday evening, many businesses owners were met with the support and help of volunteers who came to pitch-in with the clean up. This movement continued throughout Tuesday, as well. Crowds of community members were seen throughout the center of town, shoveling mud, cleaning interiors, collecting trash and inventory, building back walls, and more.


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