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Tioga County is Moving to Green May 29

Tioga County COVID-19 Task Force Update


by James Nobles / Tioga County COVID-19 Task Force - May 22, 2020

Earlier this week a letter was sent to Governor Wolf’s office specifically asking that Tioga County be considered to move to the green phase of the state’s reopening plan. Then – the County Commissioners, flanked by local, county and state officials held a press briefing, once again asking that we be considered when moving counties to green.

As the Chair of the Task Force and on behalf of our 3 county commissioners, we were very pleased to announce that, Governor Wolf has approved Tioga County, to move to the Green Phase of his reopening plan.

The economic impact this disease has had on our region is staggering, the likes of which none of us have every experienced. Now, as we look ahead to the Green Phase, we enter a period of rebuilding and revitalization as well as a period of heightened vigilance and understanding that just because our color changed to green it doesn’t mean that the virus is gone. The virus is still here, and we need to protect ourselves and our high-risk population. We have been ahead of this virus for the past 10 weeks ago, and I’m confident we can once again lead the charge while preserving both personal health and economic health for Tioga County.

Now as we look toward economic recovery for our small businesses, is not the time for compliancy, but rather the time for adherence to the CDC and State Department of Health mitigation and infection control guidelines. More that every, we need to observe social distancing and masking while in public, so we can protect our residents and get our businesses back to work to begin to recover from the terrible effect this virus has had on our economy, our livelihood, and the very way we choose to live.

It is a tremendous accomplishment for Tioga County not only to be one of the first counties to move to yellow, but now one of the first to move to green and I would like to say thank you on behalf of the Task Force and the county commissioners to the many dedicated professionals who worked tirelessly these past 10 weeks to keep Tioga County on the leading edge in the fight against COVID-19.

However, we are not done yet. We need to recognize that we have a significant portion of our population in the high-risk category. We have 3 nursing homes and many senior living centers who are counting on us not to become complacent, to remain cautious and keep them safe and all our residents safe. We cannot yet sound the all-clear and need to continue to protect those who are most affected by this horrific disease.

As we enter this Memorial Day Weekend, The Task Force would like to honor those who have laid so costly a sacrifice on the altar of freedom and ask that all residents pause on Memorial Day to pay tribute those whose personal sacrifices allow us to enjoy the very freedom that many of us take for granted. Community Means Everyone and today our community has proven we can and will do whatever it takes to win the war against the virus. Tioga County performed admirably in the Red Phase, kept our infection rate low in the Yellow Phase and I have the highest degree of confidence we will do just as well as we enter the Green Phase.

Stay Safe
Stay Health
Continue to observe the social distancing and mitigation measures
And wash your hands


Videography: Andrew Moore

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: James Nobles / Tioga County COVID-19 Task Force

Anchor: James Nobles


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by UPMC, First Citizens Community Bank

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