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Hats What It’s All About!

Who sells them, who wears them, and who's going to WIN one?


by Sara Vogt - January 23, 2014

We wear hats to support our favorite sport teams, advertise our businesses, and for various outside activities that we all enjoy. Another reason to wear hats is for fashion’s sake alone, and that is today’s focus on Home Page. Hats for fashion – who sells them – who wears them – who makes them – and who is going to win one?

Who sells them takes us to one of the beautiful stores here in Wellsboro, The Fifth Season Boutique …

At the boutique Rachel Tews and Susan Graver gave us a hat tour, featuring the many beautiful hats they have for sale, and including some made by Christine A. Moore Millinery. They demonstrated different styles, such as the cloche and assured us that, when women come in searching for the right hat, they do their best to find the style that fits each woman best. While we were there, not only did they show us all the beautiful hats available for sale, but they also gave us a hat demonstration of various styles, like the cloche, the top hat, and the box hat. Everyone can wear a hat, and they are willing to help you find the one for you.

The last hat they talked about was the ‘Nikki’ made by Christine A. Moore Millinery, which, through a drawing, will be given away. Rachel outlined the two ways to enter for the opportunity to win the Christine A. Moore hat. You can come into the store and fill out a card, telling them why you like wearing hats or when you wore a certain hat that was special to you. You can also go onto The Fifth Season’s Facebook site and register for the drawing instead. The drawing signup will be open for two weeks ending on February 4th, and the winner of the Christine A. Moore hat will be announced on Valentine’s Day.

In the studio, hat designer, Christine Moore, tells us how her hat-making journey started twenty-two years ago making hats for Broadway shows, followed by a transition seventeen years ago to her own business, Christine A. Moore Millinery, in New City. She shared her personal story of when she was a teen wearing a hat, and how it helped her to overcome her shyness and express herself without talking. She also really enjoys the craft of making hats. She shared her thoughts on what happens when we, as women, add a hat to our outfit. Christine explains how the hat defines your personality and can reflect your mood at the time. It also brings attention to a lady’s eyes – they sparkle, so that the focal point becomes the woman’s face. People are drawn to women who wear hats!

Click here to visit The Fifth Season’s Facebook page!



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