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Dr. Mayo: The Power of Facebook

Dr. Mayo discusses the cautions & benefits of Facebook


by Dr Nicolle Mayo - August 15, 2019

Facebook is a powerful entity. It’s transformed how people connect, shop, sell, and job hunt. This is great and so convenient! Advertisers can individualize their marketing based on online activity. What we want and need is at our fingertips, all in one spot, making Facebook all the more enticing. But, this is where addiction begins.

Facebook gives us great ideas! It provides a venue for its users to check out new craft ideas, birthday party events, recipes, and “how-tos”. It showcases others’ amazing travels, houses, families, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, kids, jobs, and lives that some of us would like to live up to. Of course, not everyone is tuned into how many people only post the “good” or perfect moments of their lives. Sometimes too much exposure to this can be depressing, perpetuating thoughts of how lonely, boring, or sad our life is. But we forget, this isn’t real life; these pictures and posts aren’t happening all of the time.

Facebook reinforces and accentuates beliefs we hold close. It feels nice to be validated by others. Politically speaking, we can recruit a lot of support from people who agree with us, and even from those who might slide further up the spectrum than ourselves. But, this also makes it easy for us to ignore alternative ideas and remain closed-minded to outside resolutions.

Facebook comes with a lot of advantages, coupled with disadvantages. Tons of studies (really recent ones, too) confirm a lot of these ideas. They emphasize the importance of how Facebook has transformed us, for good and not so good. We choose how to manage and monitor that.

For more information on the studies cited in this feature, see below:

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Idea/Concept: Dr Nicolle Mayo

Videography: Ethan Chabala

Video Editing: Ethan Chabala

Writing: Dr Nicolle Mayo


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Red Skillet, Akiko’s

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