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Casey L. Patrick Game 2017 Highlights

Faculty defeat students in the first overtime in the game's history!


by Drew Patrick - March 13, 2017

On Saturday, March 11 the sixth annual Casey L. Patrick Memorial Basketball Game was held. The game is held in memory of Casey Patrick, who was a 2010 graduate of Wellsboro High School. Casey loved basketball, but she could not play due to her heart condition, called Eisenmenger syndrome. She became manager of the basketball teams, a role she kept all the way up into her freshman year at Slippery Rock University. She also loved kids and wanted to be an elementary school teacher after graduation. This event represents the perfect blend of the two things she loved.

The game itself was a exciting and entertaining one this year! The students led the majority of the game, including a 12-point lead in the third quarter. In the fourth quarter, the faculty started to mount their come back. They found themselves down by six until Joe Doganerio hit a three to make it a one score game. Next faculty position, Doganerio shot the three to tie the game up at 91-91, at the end of regulation. This would become the first ever overtime game in the Casey L. Patrick Basketball Game history!

In overtime it was a two-man show between Dalton Prough (of the students team) and alumnus Doganerio (of the faculty). Dalton scored first with a shot in the lane. The faculty quickly responded with Doganerio at the top of the key for three. The match came down to foul shooting and the students just couldn’t get their shots to fall, and the faculty went on to win their 3rd straight victory.

The MVPs of the game (as voted by the opposing teams) were Ed Weaver for the faculty and Ty Wetzel for the students.
The leading scorer of the game for the students team was Jessica Grab with 15 points. She marks the first female to lead a team in scoring in the game’s history. The faculty’s leading scorer was 2013 alum, Jordan Jackson who had 27 points – a new CLPBG single game record.

During the halftime 50-50 foul shot competition, five individuals competed for the 50-50 prize. Steve Brenarsky was the winner and graciously donated some of the proceeds back. Between The third and fourth quarters the Chinese auction results were given. Mike Tuttle (2), Karen Doganerio, Steve Henneman(2), and Dixie Coolidge were this year’s winners.

The money raised during this event goes to the Casey L. Patrick Memorial Scholarship Fund and both basketball teams. The scholarship goes to a student who is interested in pursuing education at any level of college. With the money, the basketball teams have been able to upgrade uniforms and attend the camps that they might not of been able to do otherwise. This year’s game raised $1,912.50. Including admission, concession, and raffles, funds totaled over $3,400 overall!

However, you can still donate by making checks payable to Casey L. Patrick Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Mail your donation to:
C&N Bank Trust & Investments 90-92 Main Street,
PO Box 58, Wellsboro, PA 16901.

If you need help, contact the C&N Trust Department by calling 1-800-487-8784.

It’s wonderful how almost 6 years after her death, Casey is still touching peoples’ lives. Many of the basketball players never knew Casey, but they know her name and they know her story. Her family has worked hard to keep her legacy going and growing.

The Patrick family would like to thank the wonderful sponsors of this event:
Napa Auto Parts
Indigo Wireless
Rockwell’s Feed Farm and Pet store
Accounting with Attitude
Pop’s Culture Shoppe
Wild Asaph Outfitters
Owlett Farm Store
In My Shoes
Native Bagel
Denny Electric
Sherwin Williams
Auto Max Tire and Auto Center
Canyon Country Cabs
Benedict’s Bus Service
Highland Chocolate
Ginn & Vickery
The Painted Cupboard
The Steak House
The Dumpling House
Grubby’s Games
Family Hair styling
Karilynns Karamel Apples
David and Ann Erdman
Tioga Office Products
Field Flowers Florist and Gift
Andy Worthington
Vicki and Paul Williams
Betty Reynolds
Timeless Destination
Jen Erway
Joanne Bradley
Jessica Stevens
David and Jodi Cheung
Baker Tilly
Wellsboro Home Page
Wellsboro School District Teachers, Staff and Students
Wellsboro Booster Club
Jeanette’s Hair Care


Idea/Concept: Drew Patrick

Videography: John Vogt, Andrew Moore

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: Drew Patrick

Anchor: Drew Patrick

Correspondent: Steve Adams, Lauren Gooch


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Laurel Health Centers, Dunham’s Dept Store

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