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Borough Council Meeting 11/12/2019

Borough Council Meeting 11/12/2019

Motions, reports, and a Request for Funding


by Joshua Allen - November 12, 2019

On November 12th the Wellsboro Borough Council conducted a meeting at the Borough Office building. The Council members, led by Council President Craig West, approved 14 motions, listened to a police report from Chief Bodine, and heard a request from Deane Center Executive Director, Kevin Connelly. Here are the highlights.

Council Member Louis Prevost raised a motion to revise a previously approved request by UPMC Wellsboro to change a number of signs and remove “Susquehanna” name and logo and “Soldiers & Sailors” name from a number of signs. His proposed revision was to not allow the name and signage for “Soldiers and Sailors” to be removed from the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Building. Matthew DeCamp abstained from voting, while the rest of the council voted in favor, and the motion was passed.

There was a motion by Council Member Dr. Bill Yacovissi to appoint John Sticklin to Grand Canyon Airport Authority as an alternate to Thomas Rudy Sr. His motion was passed.

Wellsboro Police Department Chief of Police Jim Bodine, gave an informative police report. Wellsboro Halloween trick-or-treating and the parade were both a success, and turned out to be safe and fun events. Several police officers will be undergoing further training in the near future relating to approaches and procedures with how to deal with illegal drugs. In addition to other training, this will include a specific medical marijuana workshop to figure out new best practices for dealing with situations involving medical marijuana cards in the state of Pennsylvania.

Council Member Michael Wood reminded the council that the Borough and Parking Authority is offering free parking from November 23, 2019 to January 3, 2020. Also, garbage pickup on Thanksgiving Day will occur as regularly scheduled.

Council Member, John Sticklin, raised a motion to approve Schuylkill River Runners’ request to hold a 5K race on Saturday, July 25th, 2020 at 8:00 AM. Along with the motion was a request for assistance from the Wellsboro Police to direct traffic and supervise closed intersections. Chief Bodine said they could offer some support, but that the Schuylkill River Runners’ would need to have their own staffing at closed intersections. The motion was passed with the addendum that proper staffing would necessary.

At the end of the meeting, Council President Craig West opened the floor to the Public. Deane Center Executive Director Kevin Connelly presented a request for funding to help cover expenses related to operating the public restrooms at the Deane Center. The council members expressed their appreciation of the Deane Center and the work that Kevin does, but said they could not approve his request. Craig assured him that even if they could not approve any request today, that the council would continue to discuss the issue in the future.


Writing: Joshua Allen

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