Borough Council Meeting – 10/15/2019

Borough Council Meeting – 10/15/2019

Motions, reports, and a Main Street Recycling Bin Proposal


by Joshua Allen - October 15, 2019

On October 14th the Wellsboro Borough Council conducted a meeting at the Borough Office building. The Council members, led by Council President Craig West, approved 11 motions, listened to a few brief reports, and addressed comments made by Wellsboro citizens. Additionally, they reviewed a proposal made by 3 high school students to add recycling bins to downtown Main Street. Here are some of the highlights.

The meeting started with Partnership Specialist Michael Burger from the United States Census Bureau taking the floor to announce that from October 20th to the 26th the Bureau will initiate Phase II of events leading to the upcoming decennial 2020 Census. According to the United States Census 2020 October Press Release, “within Tioga County, Census estimates that approximately 400 part-time employees will be necessary to ensure both a complete and an accurate count. Tioga County competitive wages will range between $12 per hour to $16 per hour; with working weeks ranging from 10 to 30 hrs weekly.”

They will offer flexible hours and will reimburse mileage. Interested individuals may search local Census hiring availability at Additionally, Tuesday, October 22 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Census Representative Matt Ray, Recruiting Manager, State College office, will be on hand to assist in the application processes and consult with individuals. Candidates must be 18 years of age and a U.S. citizen.

Council Member Michael Wood announced a new app that drivers can use to pay for parking in Wellsboro at any parking meter in the Borough, even the coin-operated meters. Drivers can download the free app, “Pango” and start paying from their phones. Additionally, a receipt for each transaction can be emailed to each user.

Michael Wood continued and raised a motion to approve free parking in the Borough of Wellsboro from November 23, 2019 to January 3, 2020 over the holiday season. The motion was passed with unanimous support.

Borough Manager Scot Boyce Jr. announced that Halloween Trick-or-Treat is scheduled for Thursday, October 31st. The annual parade will start at 6:00 PM from Packer Park, and Trick-or-Treating will follow at 9:00 PM. Be sure to stay in tune with us at The Homepage Network to watch a broadcast later this week about how you can keep yourself and your children safe while you Trick-or-Treat this Halloween season.

The Borough also announced they will be removing the Autumnalis Cherry trees along Nichols Street that have been affected by the Black Knot disease this fall. New trees will be replanted to complement the existing Sargent Cherry Trees, depending on nursery availability.

Near the end of the meeting, Craig West opened the floor to the public, and several citizens voiced their concerns and comments to the council. Fire Chief Lonnie Campbell thanked the council for allowing the Wellsboro Fire Department to use a building scheduled for demolition for training purposes. He then mentioned some safety concerns he had concerning a few houses along East Ave. He said that due to how they are numbered it can be difficult in an emergency to identify the right house and access quickly where to go and who needs help. He requested additional signage for each house number be put up in a more visible location. Council members ensured Lonnie Campbell that they would do their best to address the situation.

Other concerns were raised by some citizens about potholes along certain roads and about bicycle traffic on the sidewalk in the business district. Again, the council address each concern, informing the public what progress was being made towards fixing some pot holes in the Borough, and how they might better enforce the Wellsboro Borough Ordinance forbidding the use of bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, or other similar vehicles on the sidewalk of some streets in Wellsboro.

Lastly, High Schoolers, Mckenzie Sweigart, Mayah Grimes, and Madeline Bryant, presented to the council a school project they were working on, and how they would like their project to affect the community. They aim to add recycling bins along Main Street in downtown Wellsboro to reduce excess waste and to prevent plastic from being thrown away into the garbage. The students had some survey and research data, but not a detailed plan. Several council members liked the idea but addressed some concerns that would have to be dealt with, like maintaining the aesthetic of Main Street, passing the approval of the Historical Architectural Review Board, and other related concerns. An effective discussion followed, and the high schoolers were given direction about what they could do next, so they could raise an official motion in time for the next meeting.

Wellsboro Borough Council Meetings are open to the public and are held on the second Monday of every month beginning at 6:00 PM, unless otherwise stated. Coverage of these Borough Council Meetings is done as a public service by The Home Page Network. The Home Page Network encourages you to attend meetings so that you can be aware of what is going on in town and to support your local community. See the Council Meeting Agenda below.

Wellsboro Borough Council
Meeting Agenda
October 14, 2019
6 PM

Call Meeting to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of the September 9, 2019 Council Meeting

Public Comments on Agenda Items

OLD BUSINESS – An executive session was held on Monday, October 14th, at 4pm for legal matters. No decisions were made during the executive session.

NEW BUSINESS – Michael Burger with Census information and Resolution No. 2019-05.

The following were recommended for approval by Council:

  1. Request by Indigo Wireless for window and hanging signage and door lettering at 100 Main Street. HARB recommends the hanging signs have a white background and the lettering on the building match the font of the existing signs, the red band at the bottom of the windows be no taller than 8 inches, and no fluorescent or neon signage to be approved.
  2. Request by Edward Jones Investment for exterior signage at 23 East Avenue, with the temporary banner to be removed by the end of November.

Committee Reports:
General Government, Administration, Buildings, Personnel

Motion to ratify and approve accounts payable for all accounts

Motion to approve the Treasurers Report for August 2019

Explore PA Borough’s TV show is airing November 7 at 7:30 p.m. on PCN. For those who don’t have PCN, the show will be available on the internet the next day.

The Shade Tree Commission, Council Committee, Borough Council meetings will be held on Tuesday, November 12th, 2019, at their regular times. The change is due to the observance of Veteran’s Day.

Motion to adopt the 2020 Budgets as follows:

Revenue Expenditures
General $2,971,970.00 $2,971,970.00
Water $843,500.00 $843,500.00
Sewer $658,890.00 $658,890.00

  Revenue Expenditures
General $2,971,970.00 $2,971,970.00
Water $843,500.00 $843,500.00
Sewer $658,890.00 $658,890.00

There is no increase in borough water, sewer, or garbage rates.

Motion to advertise Ordinance #694 fixing the Real Estate tax rate for 2020 at 7.133 mills. This is an increase of 0.00083 to the previous millage.

Safety, Police, Fire, Protective Inspections, Codes, EMA

Mayor’s Report

Police Report

Public Works, Solid Waste, Highways, Parking, Water, Sewer

Drivers can now use the “Pango” mobile app for paying at any parking meter in the Borough, even the coin-operated meters. Drivers can download the free app and start paying from their phones. A receipt for each transaction will be emailed to the user.

Motion to approve free parking in the Borough of Wellsboro from November 23, 2019 to January 3, 2020.

Motion to ratify sale of 2001 Street Sweeper to Blossburg Borough.

Parks & Recreation, Trees, Beautification, Senior Center

Halloween Trick-or-Treat is scheduled for Thursday, October 31st. The annual parade will start at 6pm (from Packer Park), with trick-or-treat to follow until 9pm.

Motion to approve Chief Bodine’s use of Fire Police as needed for traffic control at the UPMC Halloween Event on October 26th, 2019, at his discretion.

Motion to approve mowing bids per attached list (see attached list).

The Borough will be removing the Autumnalis Cherry trees along Nichols Street that have been affected by the Black Knot disease this fall. Ornamental, medium-height trees will be re-planted to complement the existing Sargent Cherry trees, depending on nursery availability.

Employee Benefits, Negotiations, Insurance, Safety, Training

Borough staff attended Training on Safe Excavation near Pipelines.

Motion to ratify the change insurance brokers from Wilkinson Dunn to Karschner’s Insurance for the Worker’s Compensation Program.

Other Business

Public Comments



Writing: Joshua Allen

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