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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 21, 2017

MANSFIELD, PA – A new juice bar and café is set to open this spring, offering the community healthy choices for drinks, meals, snacks, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Adams Apple Juice Bar & Café is set to open in the spring, and Mansfield University students and residents in the area are excited for the new, healthy drink and snack options, along with the inviting atmosphere the café will offer the community.

The brainchild of Joshua Adams, founder and owner of Adams Apple, the juice bar’s mission is to offer the community fresh, all-natural juices and smoothies made in-house with local fruits and vegetables. The café will serve fresh, locally roasted coffee and feature an extensive tea list, and also offer healthy snacks and food options such as Chia Bowls, sandwiches, wraps and more. All offerings are all natural, non-dairy, and gluten free.

The signature juice concoction, reflective of the company’s name and logo, is their green apple lemonade, named “Grenade,” (Get it? Green-ade?) which will also be made fresh, in-house. A unique take on lemonade, the drink is a unique marriage of traditional lemonade, and fresh-pressed apple juice.

“We use fresh lemon juice and green apples, plus all the ingredients (secret recipe), to concoct the drink,” Adams explains, “We let the lemon peels soak in the drink overnight,” he says, to give the drink an added punch of flavor. “It’s a tangy, delicious drink made with all natural ingredients.”

Adams hopes that the emphasis on quality and freshness attracts people of all ages to the café.

Mansfield University students like BillieJo Priset are excited to have healthy options available to them, and an inviting place to hang out and study.

“I am beyond excited about the opening of Adams Apple,” Priset says, “As a college student, it’s often difficult to make healthy food choices when fast food restaurants and frozen meals offer a much cheaper and more convenient meal. I feel as though Adams Apple will be a wonderful place for students like myself looking for healthy food options and an inviting atmosphere,” she explains.

“For our area, we don’t really have any places that offer fresh smoothies and fresh juice,” Adams explains, “We take the fruits and vegetables, we cut them up by hand, throw them in the processor, and it squeezes it for us. We’re making fresh, no added preservative, no added sugar, all-natural juices and smoothies, made from natural ingredients.”

“You get to watch us make it in front of you,” Adams added, “so you know we’re doing it right.”

Fresh and delicious drinks and snacks aren’t the only things Adams’ business will offer the community. He hopes that his space will provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for Mansfield University students and locals to socialize, study, and enjoy, and he is a huge proponent in the growth of community interactions and development, which he hopes the space will encourage.

“I’ve always liked the idea of coffee shops and bars,” Adams says, “The fact that you can go there and socialize with people, as well as enjoy a drink and friends,” and added, “This is just something I feel like every town, every city should have.”

Renovations have been underway for the past couple of months, and Adams recently started a Kickstarter program to help raise money to finish the project. The goal is to raise $10,000 for the business, and contributions can be made in any denominations contributors wish. There are rewards for those who donate to the Kickstarter, ranging from hand-written letters, to tee shirts and free drinks, to custom pottery mugs, and even getting your name engraved into the beautiful hardwood bar, or painted on the mural on the side of the building. Adams hopes these incentives will not only help to achieve the fundraising goal, but also engage the community and get them excited and involved in the business.

Adams Apple Juice Bar & Café will be located at 1276 South Main Street in Mansfield, and shares the building with the Contact Sports Club. The two businesses will work hand-in-hand to better the community through exercise and healthy eating.

“My good friend, Vince Nance, suggested the opening of a juice bar in the front of their business,” Adams explains on the juice bar and café’s Kickstarter page. “Having wanted to do something like this for a long time, I jumped at the opportunity and have been working on this project ever since.”

Nance, who co-owns the Sports Club along with friend Rob Smith, approached Adams about opening the juice bar.

“We were just kind of chatting, because opening a juice bar was always our dream for this business,” Nance says in a promotional video posted on the Kickstarter page. “We built the fundamentals of a juice bar, with the intention of doing that,” he explains. However, finances, time, and other variables led them to forgo their efforts of completing the juice bar portion of their business. The framework of the juice bar remained unfinished, and that’s when a friendly conversation between Nance and Adams sparked the idea to fill the empty space with the type of business Nance had originally envisioned.

“When I was talking to Josh, I was telling him how much I wished someone was able to come in and have the time and interest and resources to do that,” Nance says. “And Josh was kind of like, ‘Well… I could be that guy.’”

With the opening of Adams Apple Juice Bar & Café right around the corner, renovations are in full swing and business is beginning to take shape. Nance is excited for the businesses to work symbiotically and make the Mansfield community healthier and happier.

“We’re absolutely excited to be supportive in any way that we can,” Nance says in the video.

For more information on Adams Apple Juice Bar & Café, and updates on their progress, check out their Kickstarter page, and keep your eye out for updates include their grand opening date and features in the weeks and months to come.

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