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Today's edition of Outdoor Adventures previews weekend family fun!


by Andrew Moore - March 19, 2015

Whether you grew up with maple syrup in your veins or it’s something you’ve never tried before, you’re in for a real treat this weekend! On March 21st & 22nd, Tioga and Potter Counties are hosting their 11th Annual Maple Weekend in celebration of this home-grown favorite! Stop by the Wellsboro Area Chamber of Commerce and pick up a map of locations to sample maple syrup, pancakes, cotton candy & more!

In today’s edition of Outdoor Adventures, Tim Morey invites you to join him this weekend for a family tree-tapping event at Hills Creek State Park. “Tapping trees” is the traditional method for harvesting tree sap, (which eventually becomes the liquid gold we enjoy on our pancakes!) “You can create some family memories here,” says Morey. “Come out Hills Creek this weekend! Tap a tree, hang a bucket.”

You can learn more about Pennsylvania’s maple products at

You can also see how tree sap becomes our favorite breakfast topping in one of our features here!



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