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Today's Personal Profile introduces Gracie Bishop


by Rhonda Pearson - June 11, 2019

Today on The Home Page Network, we are talking about a new competition for all women who have a passion for agriculture. Miss Agriculture USA is a new non-profit organization that is about celebrating and promoting agriculture. It is also about shaping strong leaders, developing public speaking, promoting self-esteem, forming lasting friendships and so much more. One of those young ladies is 2019 Tioga County Junior Miss Agriculture USA, Gracie Bishop.

Gracie Bishop is 14 years old, from Roaring Branch, Pennsylvania. This is her first year competing in Miss Agriculture USA. In order to prepare for the competition she filled out the application form and submitted an essay. Her essay was about how she would help promote agriculture if she won the title of “Pennsylvania Junior Representative.”

In an interview, Gracie stated that one of her favorite areas of competition is the interview.
“When you go into the room with the three judges you are able to talk with them like normal people,” said Gracie. “That shaves off a whole area of nervousness. You relate to them, you feel they’re real people who make mistakes with you and aren’t ‘judging’ you.”

Gracie is very energetic and has a passion for agriculture, especially concerning horses and meat goats.
“I love horses,” she stated. “I absolutely adore horses.”

Miss Agriculture USA was founded in 2018 by a former fair queen and dairy farmer, Shannon Gallagher Wingert, as well as Roberta Gallagher – also a former fair queen. Some of the important focuses are on interviewing, public speaking and confidence.

Agriculture is a very broad field that includes more than just farming and animals. Women who compete for this position don’t have to live on a farm. The only requirement to enter this competition is to have a passion for agriculture and to want to help promote it in a positive way. It encompasses all areas of agriculture. This competition is also flexible, as it allows you to find events you can attend as your schedule allows. If you are interested in learning more about Miss Agriculture USA, visit their website here.

Additional writing credit: Shannon Gallagher Wingert


Videography: Andrew Moore

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: Rhonda Pearson

Anchor: Rhonda Pearson


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