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Personal Profiles – Rhonda Pearson

Arkansas to the Navy to Wellsboro - an operation manager's journey


by Rhonda Pearson - December 12, 2018

Today on The Home Page Network we have another Personal Profile with our Operations Manager, Rhonda Pearson.

Rhonda grew up in the small town of Bearden, Arkansas. She is the eldest of three siblings born to Thomas “Ricky” Word and and Patricia “Pat” Word. Her dad was in the Air Force for the first part of her young life and after he got out, they settled near his family in Bearden. After graduating high school, she went attended the University of Central Arkansas for about a year. After changing her major four times, she decided that college wasn’t for her and she would let the military decide what job best suited her. Rhonda went into the Navy and became a part of a special group known as the Seabees. Her rate was Construction Electrician, with her bootcamp training in Orlando, Florida and A-School in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Upon graduating, she went to her first duty station in Brawdy, Wales United Kingdom. This was also where she met her husband of 26 years, Eric Pearson. Later in life they both ended up with co-location orders to Guantanamo, Cuba. Unfortunately Rhonda would have had to give guardianship of her two babies for three years to her family, (due to some issues about dependents not being allowed down there at the time), so Rhonda got out of the service to raise their children while Eric carried on to Cuba to serve. From Guantanamo, the family was reunited to go to Hawaii for three years where her husband was next stationed.

When it was time for her husband to decide whether to re-enlist or get out, he chose to get out and the family moved back to Arkansas to be closer to family and search for job opportunities.
Rhonda’s husband got an interview with Adelphia Business Solutions in Coudersport, PA and ended up settling the family close to his new job in Wellsboro.

Years later, Rhonda found the operations manager position through a connection with her daughter, Victoria, and came to work for The Home Page Network.

“While being operations manager was never a dream of mine or something I was looking to learn,” said Rhonda. “It has been a revelation of just how much work goes into a 4-5minute feature. I’ve found that I watch commercials more attentively now since I know how things are now put together.”

Over the years of working with The Home Page Network, Rhonda has remarked it has trained her to have an open mind and built patience. “When it comes to scheduling, and filming there can be a lot of variables and sometimes things change last minute,” She said. “When you have a supportive team, it does make things run more smoothly than if there wasn’t one.”


Idea/Concept: Home Page Staff

Videography: Andrew Moore

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: Rhonda Pearson

Anchor: Johanna Vogt


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by First Citizens Community Bank, Pop’s Culture Shoppe

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