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Owlett Wins General Election for PA State Rep

Heath has strongest showing for the Democrats in years


by John Vogt - November 7, 2018

Clint Owlett who currently sits as our State Representative for the 68th District has won the General Election. Owlett has been serving as State Representative after winning the Special Election back in May of this year. He will serve out the remainder of this term through the end of 2018 under the Special Election Rules and then be sworn in as our PA State Representative for the 68th District after yesterday’s general election victory. Owlett had the support of the Tioga County Republican Committee and the endorsement of former Pennsylvania State Representative Matt Baker who was elected thirteen consecutive terms, is former Chairman of the Health Committee, author of over thirty state laws and recipient of over thirty national and state legislative awards.

On today’s broadcast, we hear from Mr. Owlett has he reflects on his victory and says thanks to his wife Lauren his Campaign Manager Amanda Miller, Owlett Campaign Chair Ron Butler and all the folks who helped make his election possible.

During the second half of today’s broadcast, we visit with Carrie Heath who along with her husband Dave, her entire family – represented by Grandma Heath, Carrie’s Campaign Manager Gabe Hakvaag and one hundred and seventy-five volunteers ran an amazing challenge from the Democrats. The Heath Campaign was able to gain votes from over 3,300 residents in the 68th district, a very respectable number here in Tioga County. Campaign Manager Gabe Hakvaag said that the Democrats in our region will win in increments and this was a huge step toward their goal.

At last count for the 68th Legislative District, Clinton Dennis Owlett was the victor in this race with 75.95% and a total of 10,758 votes. Carrie L. Heath ended with 24.05% and a total of 3,406 votes.

Congratulation to both campaigns for running a clean, hard-fought race to the very end. Both campaigns did an outstanding job here in the 68th District. And a special congratulations to Clint Owlett on his victory. We believe that he will serve us well.


Idea/Concept: John Vogt

Videography: Andrew Moore

Video Editing: Andrew Moore

Writing: John Vogt

Correspondent: John Vogt


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Penn Wells Hotel / Lodge, Cafe 1905

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