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Movin’ Together – Event Highlights

Highlights from Movin' Together's first event, "Getting Well In Wellsboro"


by Lauren Gooch - January 15, 2018

On Saturday, January 12, 2019, over 150 women showed up to The Penn Wells Hotel for our very first Movin’ Together event, “Getting Well in Wellsboro.” This event featured encouraging topics on our healthy tools, music, food, and hundreds of dollars’ worth of gifts were given! If you attended this event, please follow this link to fill out our online survey.

A special thank you to our sponsors and those who made this event possible:

Penn Wells Hotel
Jim McIlvaine
Cottage Glassworks
The Sherwood Motel
Akiko’s Floral Arts
Highland Chocolates
Main Street Olive Oil Company
Jeanette’s Hair Care
Dunham’s Department Store
In My Shoes
Tioga Office Supply
Main Street Engraving
Endless Mountain Music Festival
The Steak House
Wild Asaph Outfitters
Linda Stager
Jill Kamp Melton
Moose’s Enterprises

Here’s some of the information that was shared during the event:

Tonya Welshans (UPMC Susquehanna) – Making time for health exams in your schedule: Tonya spoke about how there are two main categories of things that are fighting for our time: the urgent things (such as our careers, the demands/needs of others, etc.) and the important things (like dates with our spouse, exercise, annual check-ups, etc.). The urgent things usually trump the things that are important. However, her Spirit of Women program educates, inspires, and motivates us to take action and care for ourselves. You can learn more about that program here:

Sara Vogt – Importance of hydration: Proper hydration is essential for maintaining brain health, improving your mood, promoting weight loss, increasing your energy, and pumping blood more efficiently through your heart. Studies have shown that many strokes and heart attacks occur in the morning, so hydrating from morning to night is highly recommended. One out of every three women in the U.S. will die from heart disease, but hydration is a way to lower that number! Suggestions to help us hydrate are to start our day by drinking two 8 ounce glasses of water and then two, 8-ounce glasses about a half hour before each meal and finally an 8-ounce glass before going to bed at night. Try using some apps on your phone to help you hydrate, keep a pitcher on your desk with the amount of water you need to consume every day, or consume water-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, or homemade soup. How much water do we need to drink in a day? Take your weight and divide it by two and then drink that amount in ounces each day. 

View Sara’s Movin’ Together hydration piece from last year:

Brittany Wilson – Importance of eating breakfast: According to Brittany, eating breakfast can actually help us lose weight and keep it off! It’s the best way to start our day because it is helping us “break the fast” from when we were sleeping all night long. She also spoke about the types of foods that are great to eat for breakfast.
View Brittany’s Laurel Health story:

Lori Makos – Busyness in life: Lori says, “Busyness foils my ability to be all I can be—it constricts my field of awareness. My agenda becomes like blinders on a horse and I become unaware and unresponsive to another’s needs. It deprives me of beauty, delight, and peace. I become out of sync with the world around me and I have no time to take in the present moment. Busyness encourages me to go on “automatic” and the whole day can escape me. Life becomes a blur and I feel like I live on a treadmill.

“Mindfulness is the opposite of busyness. Mindfulness helps me to be in the moment, not rushing to a future event or planning the life I will have in the future. My life is in the NOW. I am aware that I have many good things to choose in my life, and I chose wisely, slowly, and deliberately.”

View Lori’s Home Page story from last year:

Ann Dunham Rawson – “Protecting our skin by moisturizing”: Ann showed us some products that are available at Dunham’s to help us take care of our skin.

View Ann’s story from 2016 on protecting our skin:

Courtney Killian – Tools for hair protection: To avoid miscommunication and error for our haircuts, Courtney mentioned the importance of thoroughly discussing and visualizing your expectations before the scissors ever come out. Courtney shared that she prefers to sit her clients down and show them the amount that will be cut off. Courtney also discussed the wonderful Wet Brush Pro! It has a bristle technology that is incredibly effective at sliding through wet or dry hair. Courtney advises to start at the ends of your hair when brushing. However, she finds that tangles are not a problem for this miracle brush!

View Courtney’s Movin’ Together hair care story from last year:

Linda Stager – “Rail Trail Adventure”: Linda spoke about some of her favorite spots on the Pine Creek Rail Trail and spoke about the book that she wrote – The Pine Creek Rail Trail Guidebook. She says to be sure to have fun, drink lots of water, use the time to meditate and dream, and bring your tick repellent. It is a life changing experience!
View Linda’s Rail Trail adventure from 2018 here:

Jen Davis – Benefits of plant-based foods: Jen shared 3 benefits with us: Weight loss, decreased risk of disease, and saving time. Plant-based foods help us lose weight because they are high in fiber and are a lower calorie food. They help decrease our risk of disease because they lower cholesterol levels and can decrease the risk of diabetes with just a 5-10% weight loss. By stocking up on produce from the grocery store, it can help us save time because we won’t need to spend time reading the labels. They have all the vitamins, minerals, and fiber that we need! One easy way to increase plants in your life is to make half of your plate vegetables.

View Jen’s “For the Love of Food” channel here:

Bonnie Kendrick – Getting the most out of our rest: Bonnie shared some of the benefits of rest and also gave away 5 MyPillows.

View Bonnie’s Home Page story from last year on sleep:

Kiley Birgensmith – Budgeting our money: Having a plan in place for how your income will be used allows you to align what you are doing today with your future financial goals, such as saving for retirement, purchasing a home, funding your or your children’s education, or even shorter term goals like saving for vacation. She spoke about her personal experience of budgeting to pay for her college education. She was able to graduate debt-free in December of 2015! The first step in developing a budget is to determine your financial goals and then evaluate your current spending money. She recommended the free app, “Mint,” which links all of her and her fiancé’s accounts and summarizes their spending information into various categories such as home, utilities, food, and entertainment.

View BakerTilly’s Home Page story here:

Nancy Brooks – Good shoes and stretching: Nancy talked to us about finding the right shoe for our feet, and the importance of stretching.

View Nancy’s “In My Shoes” feature here:

Sara Vogt – Using weights to strengthen our bones: Sara spoke about the benefits of using weights to strengthen our bones. First, muscle fibers become larger and stronger, which increases their ability to produce force. Secondly, tendons and ligaments and bones become denser and stronger, which increases their ability to withstand stress. These positive adaptations result in a strong and injury – resistant muscular system. It is recommended that strength is performed in a slow and controlled manner. The preferred breathing pattern is to inhale during lowering movements and to exhale during lifting movements. Or To properly breathe during strength training inhale on the eccentric phase and exhale during the concentric phase. Exhale while you’re doing the hardest work, and inhale as you’re coming back to your starting position remember not to hold your breath during movements or grip your weights which can raise your blood pressure. When you improve muscular strength, you automatically improve muscle endurance. (Be Strong: Strength Training for Muscular Fitness for Men and Women) Also, keep in mind the importance of using the correct form. Injury can occur even during simple motions and with little weight if we use the wrong form! Strength-training exercise is not only beneficial for increasing muscle mass. It may also help protect against bone loss in younger and older women, including those with osteoporosis, osteopenia or breast cancer.

View Sara’s story from last year on using weights in water:

Lauren Gooch – Being thankful in our daily lives: According to Dr. Nicolle Mayo, who is a Psychology professor at Mansfield University, being thankful can help us in every area of our lives – whether that’s physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, or spiritually. Lauren also shared a song that she wrote called “There’s Beauty Everywhere” and it encourages us to notice beauty in the world around us and to see the beauty in ourselves as well.

View our Movin’ Together story on thankfulness:


Idea/Concept: Home Page Staff

Videography: Kaitlyn Callahan, Johanna Vogt, Andrew Moore

Video Editing: Kaitlyn Callahan

Writing: Lauren Gooch

Anchor: Sara Vogt, Lauren Gooch


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Akiko’s, Penn Wells Hotel / Lodge

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