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Movin' Together invites ladies to first event ever!


by Lauren Gooch - December 24, 2018

Movin’ Together invites ladies in our region to an exciting event titled, “Getting Well in Wellsboro,” on January 12, 2019, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the historic Penn Wells Hotel. Please register by January 7th. See registration information below.

The Movin’ Together Team will be discussing healthy tools that we can use throughout this new year to be healthy, energized, focused, and joyful! Movin’ Together is requesting a donation of two cans of food for the Wellsboro Area Food Pantry. These cans will also be used for the weights portion of the program. Bring your friends and enjoy free food, fun, and prizes!

Featured speakers and topics include:

* Tonya Welshans, UPMC Susquehanna: “Tyranny of the Urgent” – Making time for health exams in your schedule
* Sara Vogt: “Fountain of Youth” – Importance of hydration
* Brittany Wilson, CRNP: “Jumpstart your day” – Eating breakfast
* Lori Makos: “Time Out – Stress Less” – Busyness in our everyday lives
* Ann Dunham Rawson: “Protecting our skin” – Moisturizing during the winter months
* Courtney Killian – Charisma “Protecting our hair tools.”
* Linda Stager: “Rail Trail Adventure” – Enjoying the outdoors
* Jen Davis, RD: “Digest This, Salad Up” – Benefits of plant-based foods
* Bonnie Kendrick, RPSGT: “To Sleep or not to Sleep” – Gain the most out of our rest
* Kiley Birgensmith, CPA: “Budgeting our money” – Financial health
* Nancy Brooks, owner of In My Shoes: “It’s a stretch” – Good shoes and stretching
* Sara Vogt, ACE certified personal trainer: “But wait (weight), There’s More” Using weights to strengthen our bones
* Lauren Gooch: “Journal of Thanks” – Being thankful in our daily lives
* Julianna Vogt and Lauren Gooch: “The Gift of Time” – Being our best to bless



Produced by Vogt Media

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