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Dr. Mayo – Good Natured Nature

Getting out in the green is good for you in more ways than one!


by Dr Nicolle Mayo - June 14, 2018

Nature has some wonderful benefits for us to enjoy. It relaxes our brains and reduces the chances for developing mental and physical health issues, while also decreasing mortality rates. Nature rejuvenates us, increases brain capacity, and sharpens our performance. With so many benefits, though, general statistics are showing that we are spending more time separated from nature than with it. Why is that?

According to a study conducted by a public relations and marketing firm (DJ case and associates), increased use of technology is pulling people away from the outdoors. Spending more time inside, and less time outside is becoming the national norm. Work, school, and living places also seems to discourage time outdoors due to competing activities and priorities demanded in each of these areas. Despite these somewhat depressing results, the majority of Americans who were surveyed about their outdoor attitudes would prefer to be outside more. Interesting development in technological nature does provide some benefit (watching the nature channel, etc.), though it cannot and should not replace our experience with the “real thing”. We receive optimal benefit from interacting with nature, rather than competing with it.

As technological beings, however, we have to make some tough choices. Do we allow technology to overwhelm our time, and reduce our nature experience? Or, do we intentionally monitor how much time we “mindlessly” engage with technology (since studies do show that we spend more time with technology for personal use than we do for work use) and, instead, spend more time outdoors (especially while the weather is warm)? We all have choices. Choosing nature results in fantastic benefits. So, why not take the challenge? Step outdoors more. Leave the cell phones, i-pads, and computers behind. Enjoy nature, holistically, and receive the free benefits of a longer, happier, rejuvenated life.


Idea/Concept: Dr Nicolle Mayo

Videography: Kaitlyn Callahan

Video Editing: Kaitlyn Callahan

Writing: Tim Crane

Anchor: Dr Nicolle Mayo


Produced by Vogt Media

Funded by Matthews Motor Company

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